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Bringing Gaming Back




Bringing Gaming Back To Kids

Over the past 10 years, video gaming has become a multi-billion dollar industry.  With that rise also came changes in the way video games are played and enjoyed by kids.  As e-gaming leagues and tournaments grow around the world, kids have been left behind. Although many

e-gaming tournaments exist, they are heavily dominated by adults in their 20s and 30s and

most kids avoid them because of this.


Currently video gaming for kids leaves us alone in front of our screens playing by ourselves or with people we never see via the internet.  This type of gaming environment creates isolation and never allows us the social interactions we get in sports, music and other after school activities. 


Kidlamity Gaming was launched by a kid to change that. We are on a mission to bring gaming back to kids.  This means creating welcoming environments where direct social interactions for kids can take place through video game tournaments for ages 8 through 16.

So get out of your house and come play with your friends at our kid friendly, and only for kids, video game tournaments.  We promise Kidlamity Gaming events are designed for you and you will not want to miss out.  Check back here for the launch of our first tournaments and how you can participate in the Kidlamity!

Our Focus Is On Kids Ages 8 to 17

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It Took The Vision Of A Kid

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One day, Ian went to his parents and he decided that this had to change.  He explained to his parents why this was important to ensure kids had a place where they could play in e-gaming tournaments and enjoy video games once again.  He wanted kids to stop hiding at home playing online and create an opportunity for them to come together and have fun.  Ian was determined to bring video gaming back to kids.  His passion couldn't be stopped and all Kidlamity broke lose.  

Ian is the President & CEO of Kidlamity Gaming.  He is 15 years old and a senior in college at the University of North Texas. He is determined to make his vision come true.  He hopes you will see why Kidlamity Gaming events are important to help restore the fun in video gaming for kids.

Ian is joined in running the company by his older sister Haley Taylor Schlitz. Haley is Kidlamity's Chief Operatin Officer (COO). Haley is a 18 year old second year law student at SMU Dedman School of Law.


Birthday Parties, Fundraisers & Custom Tournaments

From birthday parties to fundraisers, Kidlamity Gaming is here to help you plan the perfect private event.  Our team can host private birthday tournaments where we create excitement and social interaction.  No more parties where kids ignore each other and spend endless hours staring at screens.  Our birthday party tournaments will create constant interaction between all party goers and leave them cheering for more.

Our video game tournaments are also ideal fundraising events for all types of organizations.  PTAs, churches, Cub Scouts and all organizations can now host

a private video game tournament where the kids get a chance to play and at the same time raise money for a good cause.  No more complaints about selling candy and gift wrapping.  Turn their passion for video games into a hit social event that helps raise funds for needed programs.

Finally, if you are looking to host a custom and private video game tournament, let Kidlamity Gaming do all the work.  Our team can help you plan your custom and private tournament and allow you to enjoy the event with your friends. No more worries about running the tournament, now you can join in the fun and leave all the work to our team.

Contact us with your birthday party or fundraising needs and we will get back to you with a competitive custom plan to host a custom tournament event that kids and parents will be talking about for weeks afterwards. 

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Ian Taylor Schlitz had a vision.  An avid gamer, Ian has spent the past few years devoted to his favorite game, SUPER SMASH BROS.  His constant playing of Super Smash Bros led him to get his parents to sign him up for one of the many e-gaming tournaments that happen throughout the year.  After his first tournament, Ian knew he wanted to keep playing in them and that is exactly what he did.  

But as Ian played in more and more tournaments,, big and small, he realized that he was usually the youngest person in the room.  The tournaments were dominated by 20 somethings, and some 30 somethings, who he had very little in common with.  Although he loved playing against other people in person, Ian wondered why he was the only kid in the room.

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